Chase Warren is an American photographer, award winning music video director, writer and producer. At the age of 23, he has worked in the industry creating professional work for companies including Redbull Racing, The Alaska Life, and Sawyer Products. He has worked as a professional concert photographer for The Band Perry, John K, Broadside, Ryan Oakes and Kailee Morgue just to name a few. His Music Videos have been published under articles by Outburn Magazine, Buzz Music LA and Phoenix New Times. He has directed music videos for many notable artists and bands including First and Forever, Sorry X, Sundressed, Holy Fawn and Frank Zummo of Sum 41 racking up 100’s of thousands of views on Youtube. His music video for This Modern’s “Maniacal” won best music video in the 2021 Mesa International Film Festival. His photo of Kailee Morgue made the Cover of the New Noise Spotify Editorial Playlist in 2022. With a full production team of collaborators at his side in both music and film, Chase has big plans for 2023.

In August of 2020 and in the middle of a nation-wide pandemic, Chase dropped out of college and started freelancing full-time. Through his work he strives to inspire people to get outside and explore, take risks, tell stories, and above all do what you love.